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New CD „Small Moments“ to be released soon from Drummer Drori Mondlak’s group Karolina Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak – KLARO!

Musik 16. April 2013 - 13:25 UHR 0 Kommentare

Guitarist Cary DeNigris, drummer Drori Mondlak, saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer, bassist Ingmar Heller  and engineer Philipp Heck.Guitarist Cary DeNigris, drummer Drori Mondlak, saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer, bassist Ingmar Heller
and engineer Philipp Heck.

Some words from Drori….
„I have listening back to the reference master of „Small Moments“ the new recording from KLARO!, the band that I co-lead with saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer. We recorded this CD in the middle of our very recent European tour that ended a couple of weeks ago. We are super happy with the music, the compositions, and the playing. The quality of the recording also is superb. The studio was Bauer studios in Ludwigsburg. It is the place where many of ECM recordings were done that were not produced in Oslo. Bauer has a great sounding room, and an old Nieve board in the control room. For the session, Karolina, myself and guitarist Cary DeNigris set up together in the big room for maximum contact. Our bassist, Ingmar Heller was in the booth. We recorded digitally but then mixed to tape for warmth of sound. Cary and I traveled back down to Bauer the week after we recorded and mixed the CD in a day and a half with the engineer Philipp Heck. It is all original music. Very intense and heartfelt playing…..In my view, It is the best thing we have done to date. We are very proud of this work and want to share these magical musical moments, so we are happy to bring to you a beautifully recorded CD where you can get lost in the magic of the moment.“

„There are 9 songs…7 of them from Karolina, one from me and one from Cary. They tell stories….. paying homage to the gods, to the wisdom of our ancestors, to bliss, to the joy of collective creativity, to the warmth and soft glow of the setting sun, to a mother’s dream, to magic, to the endurance of a person still standing tall after struggle, and to the present moment where we can touch our freedom and feel the possibilities for moments to come.“

„The melodies came from the heart and when presented with them as a musician and drummer, I wanted to become one with their intention so I could find the blend of subtle colors, time feels, and touch that would bring them to life.“

„I dedicate this recording to the beauty of music and its enduring power to move the soul.“

Thank you for your interest in this music and your continued support…..! drummer, Drori Mondlak.


Karolina Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak – KLARO!

21.04. Herten, Glashaus
12.05. Sendenhorst, Haus Siekmann
18.05. Düsseldorf, Jazz Rally Festival
19.05. Rheine, Jazz am Schloss Festival
20.05. Detmold, Detmolder Sommertheater
24.05. Korschenbroich, Sandbauernhof Liedberg
25.05. Terneuzen NL, Schelde Jazz Festival
06.09. Köln, Galerie Freiraum
30.10. Frankfurt, Workshop Jazz Initiative
31.10. Ahlen, Kunstmuseum
01.11. Darmstadt, Jazzinstitut
02.11. Doetinchem NL, Jazztime at Amphion Festival
03.11. Meschede, Alte Synagoge
12.12. Warendorf, Theater Am Wall
13.12. Köln, Altes Pfandhaus
15.12. Essen, Proust
20.12. Recklinghausen, Altstadtschmiede
21.12. Dortmund, Domicil

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